Brand - Arka
Customer - Gentlebrand - Packaging Tailors
Country - Italy

Gentlebrand’s latest release Arka, is a new concept available in both mainstream and premium versions, to give brands the opportunity to wear the right outfit for each market and customer.
Inspired by the magnificence of the snow-covered mountain peaks and the purity of the snow, Arka is available in the market in the Ho.Re.Ca. version with a 700ml bottle that seems to be created by nature. The decoration on the bottle body recalls the crystals of a glacier, as if it had been sculpted from a piece of raw ice. In contrast, light effects remind the iridescent reflections of the sun reflecting on the pure white snow. A minimal label that plays on transparencies and laminations, allowing the logo to emerge almost as if it was floating in the water. A bottle that conveys all the purity and strength of nature with a premium and luxurious appeal perfect for a premium table water in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.
Arka is presented to the market also in a mainstream version in three main formats, 0.3ml - 0.5ml and 1.5ml, with a lighter weight than a standard bottle, that is to say, 9.7 g, 11.5 g, 25.5 g respectively. A project defined by the Packaging Tailors as “smart-weight”, born by the combination of design and technical knowledge to meet both the needs of brands in terms of marketing and the market expectations linked to sustainability and cost reduction. All this without impacting the performance of the bottle and the user experience.
Thanks to the collaboration with Husky, Arka already contains the tethered cap 29-25 mm - 3 starts.