Brand - Giossa
Customer - Gentlebrand - Packaging Tailors
Country - Italy

Gentlebrand pays homege to its territory by designing a premium glass bottle for the worldwide appreciated Prosecco, a sparkling and refined wine made with the juicy grapes grown in the Valdobbiadene hills, part of Unesco heritage.
Giosa is a packaging concept developed around the local territory. The bottle seems wrapped by vine branches like if it is coming out from the vineyard, representing the quality and the origin of Prosecco wine and its traditional receipt. The strong bond with the local territory and the nature is reiterated by the label and its wood-like effect resulting from a careful choice of papers. Also, considering that wine is most of the time served in ice basket, all papers selected don’t get wet thus keeping the bottle premium look & feel till the end. And what about Giosa? A name which heritetes its origin from local Venetian dialect and meaning “ drop”, recalling a famous local expression and dew making grapes shining in the morning while the sun is rising.
Giosa is a premium wine bottle, an original design concept that can be adapted to fit your brand.