Arya - Freshness in a bottle

Brand - Arya - Freshness in a bottle
Customer - Gentlebrand - Packaging Tailors
Country - Italy

Enjoy the freshness of Arya, the new original Gentlebrand packaging concept designed for a pure mineral water springing from the highest mountains and specifically developed for a brand appealing young adults who make of healthiness the focus of their lifestyle.
Arya captures the attention with its refined and outstanding rectangular shape and the see-through label.
Indeed, the back façade is decorated with a leaf-like shape while the front one is enriched with a charming logo, but it is water that makes the magic happen. Water creates a distortion effect making the logo appear from the water and giving the impression of a bottle really containing a leaf, like if the water had just been freshly collected from the source. The packaging tailors decided to bring the illusion game to another level by giving also a 3D touch effect. Thanks to the prototyping lab available in-house and the UV printing technology, the team printed on the leaf label some dew drops that make the feeling of condensation in the bottle.
Arya is available in a 0,5L version, both in virgin and recycled PET and completed with tethered cap.