Brand - Tomarchio
Customer - Tomarchio
Country - Italy

Tomarchio – a make-over for our classic range: a new identity for the brand 

Tomarchio has chosen Gentlebrand as their Design Agency in order to reposition the brand for the consumer market.

The company has commissioned Gentlebrand to re-design and re-position their branded range of beverages for the local Sicilian market. Since 1920 Sibat Tomarchio’s beverages have been among the most popular in Sicily as they truly reflect the authentic flavours of this wonderful island. A century’s-old tradition which brings out the best of Sicily's wealth of raw ingredients at 0-km and cultural heritage linked to its history and craftsmanship. The aim of the Catania-based company is to raise the awareness of its brand of beverages for the Sicilian consumer market. This will be achieved by re-designing the packaging and creating a new brand identity, enhancing the sense of being part of and sharing what Sibat Tomarchio has been providing consumers with for decades, while at the same time, trying to entice, attract and win over new customers.

The primary aim of this re-positioning is to attract a younger target audience. In order to achieve this, Gentlebrand has re-designed the entire brand system. A new packaging, a more attractive visual identity and a completely new logo. A unique image which will not only appear on PET but also on glass and cans. The re-styling of the company's brand and corporate image aims to communicate its values in an ever-changing market while maintaining its identity.

Tomarchio introduced the new Pet 1,25, 0,75 and 0,40 ml formats into their traditional Classic Range, which has been served at families’ tables all over Sicily for many years by focusing on the graphic aspect of the bottles and labels in the range with a new colourful look: smart, sparkling and positive. It has taken the decision to use the label itself in order to get across the personality of each drink. A character for each flavour, taking into account all the aspects of the characters based on the flavours, to continue to talk about the quality of the drinks with just the right amount of fun and joy.

Brand Identity