Brand - Dolis
Customer - Khantex Oil
Country - Uzbekistan

The brand is an essential element for a product success. It is not simply a logo, a name or a color palette but must be understood in its broadest sense, that is, a set of values which, by evoking emotions and sensations, creates a strong bond with the consumer. It is therefore clear that the creation of a new brand is an activity that requires great expertise, the ability to listen to the company and the consumer in order to find the key elements around which to build and develop the image of the new brand.

Gentlebrand, with its process refined over the years, creates captivating, evocative and functional brand identities tailored to the company, product and market. This is one of the reasons that led Khantex Oil to entrust the packaging tailors with the development of Dolis. A new refined and sustainable oil in the Uzbek market, the result of a careful choice of raw materials and produced following sustainable manufacturing processes. Gentlebrand started by studying the customer, the product and the reference market to better identify the perfect naming and to create an appreciated coordinated image that would fully communicate the naturalness of the product, the delicate and harmonious taste of the oil and the refinement of the same.

As a result, Dolis contains a drop of oil in the logo, provides a prevalence of green and white color symbolizing the natural origin of the product and some yellow details here and there as a reference to sunflowers, light and the oil itself. The project also envisaged the design of PET packaging in 5L, 3L and 1L formats and the various labels as well as a consultancy service to identify the right paper that recalls the theme of sustainability and for the optimal choice of the closure, both functional and visually beautiful.