Brand - Tsagveri
Customer - Tsagveri
Country - Georgia

A new water brand is under Georgian spotlight!
Tsagveri, which happens to be also the company name, is a new sparkling mineral water which heredities its name from the natural spring where its pure mineral water pours: the famous Tsagveri source.
Not surprisingly, considering that the Georgia is a beautiful country rich in natural springs from which many refined and pure mineral water companies originates their brand. Despite being an added value, it also means that competition in the market is quite high and conquering consumers becomes harder. Having a well-defined positioning in the market and a clear brand strategy is therefore essential and this is exactly what Gentlebrand was asked to develop. The Packaging Tailors started by analyzing the company, the market and the competition to tailor a successful brand strategy, defining as a result also the correct positioning and supporting the marketing team developing the image that could have helped them to convey it properly.
The result is a refined identity which color palette is all about blues, a color which calls to mind feelings of serenity, confidence and trust and give the product a premium look&feel. The brand name was enriched with the “Dive into naturepayoff, few words that recall the origin of such natural water but at the same time the easiness and purity of the product. The font chosen for the logo is inspired by the Georgian tradition to reiterate the strong bond with the territory and the local nature, indeed the brand icon is represented by a fern leaf. Once defined the brand identity, it’s important that it is properly used across communication materials and that’s why Gentlebrand team prepared Tsagveri brand manual, an ultimate guide on how to use the logo and the colors.
This is “Tsagveri, dive into nature” the new brand identity designed by Gentebrand.