Brand - Gentlebrand
Customer - Gentlebrand - Packaging Tailors
Country - Italy

The Roaring Twenties, a decade characterized by the desire to live life with dissoluteness, immersing oneself in ostentation and comfort. A period of change and emancipation, parties, sequins, theatres, cinemas, technology, innovation and modernity as described in Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby".

Zelda, the new 700ml Ho.Re.Ca bottle designed by The Packaging Tailors, was inspired by the opulence of the social gatherings of that period. With its sinuous and elegant shape, it recalls the art deco style of the 1920s, offering the Ho.Re.Ca sector a new design proposal for natural water with a luxurious appeal.
A concept studied in detail containing in the curves of its shape and in its name a tribute to an important female exponent of that decade, as well as the wife of the famous author, Francis Scott Fitzgerald: Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. The detail of the spiral lines that branch off from the base elevates and slenders the bottle, creating at the same time an effect of reflections and transparencies that make it even more precious in the eyes of the consumer. The perfect solution for the world of catering and premium table waters.
The label, positioned on the neck, has been designed considering the stylistic rules typical of art deco and enriched also with rose gold laminations. A choice that elevates the design, without diverting attention from the uniqueness of its shape.

Zelda is also the result of important collaborations; on the one hand Husky for the tethered preform and cap and on the other hand Avient, who has allowed us to obtain a clear bottle thanks to its additive.