Brand - QminC
Customer - QminC
Country - Thailand

QminC is one of the largest producers of fruit drinks in Thailand and the growing success of its products has prompted it to expand its range even further.

Following the launch onto the market of Smoothie Probiotic and its increasing sales success, QminC also decided to commission Gentlebrand to develop the branding of the 100% natural fruit juice in two flavours, Orange and Strawberry. An exciting new initiative for QminC, which has partnered with one of the biggest retailers in Thailand, 7Eleven, for its marketing.

The juice is bursting with fresh, healthy ingredients, which is made very clear on the label developed by Gentlebrand for this product made of 100% fresh fruit, with no additives or preservatives. The juice contains pieces of soft fruit, giving the drink an explosion of flavours and great texture.

A winning collaboration between QminC and Gentlebrand, which will lead to new and exciting products in the future.

Stay tuned for the next launches!

Brand Identity