Brand - QminC
Customer - QminC
Country - Thailand

A colourful, fresh-tasting energy drink!

With its bright colours and irresistible taste, QminC's Probiotic Smoothie is ready to conquer the Thai market.

For this challenge, QminC has chosen Gentlebrand to be its partner for branding and graphic design consultancy.

QminC is one of the largest producers of fruit drinks in Thailand and the growing success of its products has prompted it to expand its range even further. New entries include Smoothie Probiotic in three delicious flavours as well as two new 100% natural fruit juices.

With the new branding developed by Gentlebrand, the aim is to further raise awareness of QminC products among Millennials: a young and dynamic target market for health and wellness products.

Quality, 100% natural ingredients and an incredible taste: these are the main attributes of QminC's products that Gentlebrand's branding aims to get across through the development of a minimal and modern design.

Thanks to the transparent label, the contents of the product are clearly visible to consumers, who can fully appreciate its bright colour and texture. At the same time, the pictures of the fruit on the bottle emphasise the hand-crafted essence of the juice and the graphic elements add a touch of joy and fun, intended to appeal to the younger generation.

Brand Identity