Brand - Flavis
Customer - Family Group
Country - Uzbekistan

Flavis, the new range of fizzy drinks launched by Family Group, makes its first appearance in the Uzbek market with a design by Gentlebrand.

For the launch of Flavis, the company commissioned Gentlebrand to create a new visual identity for its fizzy drinks. The company took on the challenge straight away by presenting a complete project which included the design of its logo, labels and personalised packaging as well as the new name for the product.

Indeed, the individual identity of a new product starts with the name itself: Flavis is in fact made up of the English 'flavour' and the Latin word 'vis', which can have many meanings such as 'importance', 'nature’ or 'essence'. / VIS = strength and vigour in Latin.

Attention to detail and focusing on the essence of the ingredients were in fact one of Flavis's main goals. For this reason, it was essential that the logo and style of the product stood out from those of its competitors by appearing both sophisticated and attractive. These graphic elements are intended to reflect and showcase the focus of the brand, which is seeking to re-position itself in the Uzbek market with a product that appeals to a younger, more sophisticated audience.

In creating this project and the story it wants to tell the audience, the brand has identified two fundamental keywords: Italian style and attention to detail. And this is exactly why Gentlebrand was chosen to re-design the entire range of fizzy drinks. The range of fizzy drinks produced by Flavis consists of four flavours: mojito, lemon, pomegranate and tarragon, all available in both 500ml and 1250ml formats.

With Flavis, Gentlebrand succeeds in its mission to re-brand an innovative and superior range of beverages, without losing sight of the essence of the product: natural ingredients and a sophisticated feel, providing consumers with a completely new experience.

Brand Identity