Brand - Chortoq
Customer - Chortoq
Country - Uzbekistan

Today, brands are required to evolve to be competitive.

Chortoq SUV is brand a crystal-clear mineral water with a unique taste and many health benefits. Which is obtained from an artesian spring. The underground spring is located in the Yangikurgan district of the Namangan region at a depth of 160 meters.

The company is strengthening the image of products with the aim of expanding the portfolio and has entrusted Gentlebrand with the development of its PET Bottle Chortoq SUV.

For this reason, Chortoq asked Gentlebrand to deliver a new packaging design to enhance the natural element of water in a more attractive way.

Gentlebrand came up with a new brand identity and packaging design to differentiate Chortoq SUV from other competitors, by accentuating the properties of the product and defining particular visual elements, putting a new line of water products on the launching pad.

A renewal accompanied by a new, fresher, modern and recognizable outfit, but still consistent with the historical values of the brand, which wants to underline its territoriality.

Brand Identity Packaging