Brand - Chortoq
Customer - Chortoq
Country - Uzbekistan

Chortoq chooses Gentlebrand Design Agency to launch Chortoq medicinal water

Chortoq medicinal water introduces its new successful packaging. The company approached Gentlebrand to customize its natural thermal mineral water with beneficial properties.

Chortoq is a brand of mineral water from Uzbekistan. The water of which has strong healing powers and high quality. The company has chosen Gentlebrand to enrich its portfolio and introduce to the market their new SKUs in PET.

The aim of the project was to convey the peculiar positioning of the product in a clear and distinctive way. Gentlebrand’s task was to develop designs for 1000 ml and 1500 ml PET bottles and labels branded Chortoq, maintaining consistency with the existing glass bottle family.

The label was created in continuity with the previous one and maintains a constant reference to the landscapes of the city of Chartak, which is located on the Chartak-Sai River and is surrounded by mountain ranges. This bond is enhanced even more by the stylized representation of the landscape on the label and on the bottle, immediately recognizable by consumers.

The design of the bottle, in addition to clearly expressing the characteristics of the brand, embodies the company's drive for innovation, in line with the technical and marketing needs expressed. Chortoq thus launches a new packaging with a contemporary and captivating design and is ready to write a new chapter in its history.