Brand - Urus
Customer - Star Concept
Country - Germany

Gentlebrand renews URUS Power Drink brand identity to conquer the German beverage market.

URUS is at the starting block: the URUS Power Drink will conquer the German beverage market beginning in July 2023. An energizing drink, synonymous with modern refreshment, lifestyle, sports, and, above all, the idea of community: YOU ARE US. URUS. URUS is available in three flavors: acai-black grape, kiwi-lime-apple and strawberry-pineapple, in 100% rPET bottles. Develop a solid brand identity was a key step in ensuring the success of the brand. The startup needed to position its new product correctly and build a solid brand identity, increase brand awareness and consolidate its image. For the launch of URUS, this German startup relied on Gentlebrand, who took care of the development of the logo and the brand's new identity. URUS is a young, vitaminic brand that speaks to GEN Z, a tech-addicted generation, a population of gamers, TikTokers and sporty people. To focus on this target, URUS has chosen to take inspiration from the world of social networks, through use of fluo lights, high-impact colors, fonts inspired by the latest social trends, and bold characters, developing a brand that follows the latest trends.

A renewed vision, a new visual identity and new colors that symbolize the future, imagination and dreams. A refreshed brand identity that reflects this ambition with its energetic typography and visual language. The real challenge was to develop a new label starting with the old bottle design, remaining faithful to the renewed visual identity. The simplicity of the existing packaging offers the perfect base on which to let the colors of this strong identity shine.

Brand Identity