Il Mercante d'Olio

Brand - Il Mercante d'Olio
Customer - Società Agricola Rive di Anzano s.s.
Country - Italy

Il Mercante d'Olio chooses Gentlebrand Design Agency to launch its new brand on the market.

Il Mercante d'Olio, an Italian brand that produces high-quality oil in the North-East area, has entrusted Gentlebrand with the development of its new brand identity. Gentlebrand, which specialises in the development of brand identity and packaging design, has designed the new Il Mercante d'Olio packaging, starting from the bottle whose focus is the link with Venice. Gentlebrand has developed the company’s new brand identity and is consolidating its expertise in the field of communication. Il Mercante d’Olio is an extra virgin olive oil brand that harks back to the ancient bond between olive trees and the Veneto region. The goal was to represent Il Mercante d'Olio as a brand linked to tradition and to the land. To develop these two sophisticated bottles, adorned with elegant graphic details, the Gentlebrand Design Team took inspiration from the details of Venetian style to symbolise the inextricable bond between Il Mercante d’Olio and the city. There are two premium-quality products: Limited, made from the first, selected olives of the season, and Premium. Both of these oils are made from olives grown on the Veneto hills using exclusively natural methods. The brand identity development takes inspiration from the ancient, time-clouded figures of the Merchants of Venice and the values they represented: courage, exploration and adventure. The bottles are then partly wrapped in foil to enhance their brightly coloured contents while ensuring the best possible preservation of taste and quality over time. Packaged in a handy, opulent box, each bottle is an object of luxurious design. Il Mercante d’Olio's products combine premium quality with meticulous attention to detail: a distinctive, delicate flavour goes hand in hand with stylish packaging, echoing the distant past while welcoming the beginning of a new, much broader project which involves not only the land, but also the local community.

Brand Identity