Baltika 7

Brand - Baltika 7
Customer - UzCarlsberg Uzbekistan
Country - Uzbekistan

We are thrilled to present our project with the UzCarlsberg Uzbekistan. Carlsberg as one of the most influential brewing companies worldwide, operating in approximately 50 countries, it holds a significant presence in the industry. We were presented with an exciting task of developing a new concept for Baltika 7 limited edition. Taking the key message "Deeply into the Sea" as our foundation, we aimed to emphasize the brand's identity and its strong connection to the sea concept. Through visual imagery, we sought to depict the journey of self-discovery amidst turbulent sea currents, paralleling our search for meaning and purpose in the currents of our own lives. Baltika 7 holds great importance in our endeavors, as it allowed Gentlebrand not only to craft the graphic elements for the limited edition but also to create key visuals for advertising campaigns, digital adaptations, and effectively apply the core messages across various communication channels. The diverse storytelling proposals have provided the company with a solid foundation for positioning its primary objectives within the realm of communication. With the new limited-edition packaging adorning Baltika 7, its debut on the market occurred in June 2023.